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Tour Operator and Travel Agents Insurance

In today's litigious society, All Tour Operators and Travel Agents are well aware of the potential claims for compensation they are exposed to, both under Common Law and more importantly by the UK Package Travel Regulations. These impose an almost strict liability for proper performance of the contract on the Tour Organiser for their own activities and those of their suppliers.

This responsibility is not just restricted to Tour Operators. The Package Travel and Holiday Regulations 1992 define a Tour Operator (or Organiser) as one who combines two or more elements of travel.

Few agents only advise clients on tour operators out of brochures. Agents now must offer their own packages from specialist consolidators.

When a travel agent makes this transition there has been a change in the duties owed to the client, and the role has changed from “agent” to “principal”. The Agent is now classified as a “Tour Organizer” and will require protection from all liabilities arising not only from his own errors and omissions, but the acts of all of the suppliers to the package.

Tour Indemnity has brought together specialist products from some of Europe's leading insurers in order to provide the protection your business requires to cost effectively manage these risks.
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